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Documentation Services

The completion of documentation has always been seen as a laborious task. Even though the need to complete the task is a strategic requirement, many enterprises feel overwhelmed by the process. Our experience and familiarity to the process makes us the "go to" partner for this process.

  • Tender Assistance

    Preparing, collating and/or reviewing of tender application documents for submission. Attending compulsory briefing meetings where necessary and guiding the customer with tender application processes. Full support through preparation, pre-award, post-award and close out.
  • Business Plans

    Preparation of business plans for investments; mergers and acquisitions; investor funding; and/or institutional financing.
  • Trade Incentive applications

    Preparing applications for submission to the Department of Trade and Industry, with the aim of securing a trade incentive, to assist with growth and working capital funding.
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Focused Services

At first glance reports and controls may seem to be in place and compliant. On closer inspection we have often found that there was no process in place to check the checker. We have the experience and skill set to closely look at business functions with a view to benefitting the enterprise as a whole.

  • Forensic Audit

    Performing internal investigations on pre-identified irregularities. Forensic investigations. Background checks. Fraud prevention.
  • Foreign Exchange Management

    Providing guidance on the treasury functionality of handling foreign currency, mitigating risks involved with foreign exchange transactions, and ensuring compliance with exchange control regulations.
  • Information Technology Efficiency

    Basic systematic review of current IT infrastructure and proposal of feasible solutions to improve efficiencies where lacking.


Value Added Services

In our experience we have found that the drivers of the business have their hands full in the day to day operation of the business. Because of our professional and experienced background we are able to offer services that will project the enterprise to a new level.

  • Current Trends

    Monthly updates of changes in industry, business, technology, finance and legislation. This can be offered as a training session or discussion forum.
  • Social responsibility

    Assistance with boosting the clients’ CSR standing. This may include charity events; recommended donations; welfare programs; and/or community upliftment projects.
  • Board appointment

    The ultimate positive step to practicing good corporate governance. The client benefits from having an independent view on strategy, goals and health of the business available at the highest level of decision making.